Success Leaves Clues: Ep 197 with guest Kara Wilson Oliver, VP People at Rose Rocket
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In this episode, passionate P&C leader Kara Wilson Oliver, VP People at Rose Rocket, shares her experiences in the tech startup industry and her transition from product management to the people side of the business. She discusses the challenges she has faced and the hard things about hard things in her career. Kara also talks about the importance of building strong communities and relationships, both personally and professionally. She emphasizes the need for self-directed learning and curiosity in the education system and the value of planting proverbial trees by supporting and empowering others.

"I am a builder at core. I like to take nothing and turn it into something. I like to do that very collaboratively." ~ Kara Wilson Oliver

Key Takeaways

  • The tech startup industry offers opportunities for building and creating something from scratch, which can be addictive for those who enjoy problem-solving and building things collaboratively.
  • Career transitions can be challenging but can also lead to personal growth and new opportunities. It's important to be open to new experiences and willing to learn and adapt.
  • Building strong communities and relationships is essential for personal and professional growth. Having a support system and a space to share experiences and challenges can be invaluable.
  • The education system should focus more on self-directed learning and curiosity, allowing students to explore their interests and develop problem-solving skills.
  • Supporting and empowering others is a meaningful way to make a positive impact and leave a lasting legacy.

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