Success Leaves Clues: Ep 178 with guest Jordan Boesch, CEO of 7 Shifts
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In this episode, Robin and Al interview Jordan Boesch, the CEO of 7Shifts, a scheduling and team management company for the restaurant industry. Jordan shares the genesis of 7Shifts and how his experience working for his dad's Quiznos restaurants inspired him to create a solution for managing staff schedules. He discusses the challenges and benefits of focusing on the restaurant industry and the importance of building a strong company culture with behaviour-based values. Jordan also shares his vision for the future of 7Shifts and the impact he hopes to have on the industry and the community.

Key Takeaways:

• Building a company based on solving a problem you are passionate about can lead to long-term success and fulfillment.

• Focusing on a specific industry, like the restaurant industry, can help create a niche and differentiate your company.

• Behavior-based values can be more effective than generic core values, as they provide clear guidelines for desired behaviours.

• Reinforcing values through stories and recognizing employees who demonstrate those values can help create a strong company culture.

• Long-term success requires making investments and decisions that align with your vision and staying committed to your goals.

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